Welcome Monarchs to Oblivion Fans

We have a mission: one that is as simple as shining light into dark places.

We all have our demons, each of us challenged to do the next right thing. Some of us fall into drug and alcohol addiction; others fall into sex addiction, pornography, lie, cheat, steal, murder. The list goes on and on. Even though we all fall into negative habits or spaces, we don’t have to live there. We do not have to let our past choices dictate our future actions.

One thing is certain, within this band we are all deeply flawed individuals. Even so, we fight to set our sights on something greater than ourselves. We believe there’s a singular solution: a spirit-led life that mirrors Jesus Christ. We don’t carry our Bibles to shows, but we do carry a spirit of love and redemption. It is only through Jesus that any of us can truly love.

Forgiveness is of far greater value than gold, and we hold this truth dear. With influences ranging from all eras and musical genres, what is born of this band is heavy riffs, big hooks, melodic vocals, and well-thought-out lyrics.

Mike says it best, “The overall goal is that our music and lyrics translate the understanding that there is a greater purpose than merely existing. We want people to dig into our lyrics, examine what our songs are about, and come out the other side knowing they are not alone in their struggles.”

We released our self-titled debut album on December 14, 2018, and our follow-up album, I Am on October 30, 2020.

Mike Ricke – Vocals | Jared Cunningham – Guitars | JD Maurer – Guitars | Chad Williamson – Drums