Update: Bassist Found, Vocalist Needed

Greetings Monarch Fans,

We just wanted to give an update on our current status.

Bassist “Found”

We had a few applicants for the bass position. However, after discussions about musical style, family commitments, etc. we were still left searching for the right fit. As it turns out, the answer was already within the family.

Jerod felt led by God to put down the guitar and move over to bass. He began his musical journey years ago on bass and developed his skills for over 2 years before switching over to guitar. He enjoys it and after a few rehearsals and minor tweaks to the songs, we believe that it’s the right fit for us currently.

It’s already made a drastic improvement in our sound and will help shape our writing going forward.

Vocalist Still Needed

Currently, we are still seeking a vocalist to complete our ensemble. If you or perhaps someone you know would be interested in being a part of this project, please have them either fill out our form, send us an email, or send us a private message through our Facebook page. (Links below) We are eager to get going with this and get our music and message out to the local music scene.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to check out the 3 song demo BEFORE contacting us. You can either stream or download the mp3’s at the following link:

—>3 Song Demo<—

The ideal person will possess the following:

  • Be an active follower of Jesus (you don’t have to be perfect, as we are imperfect and sinful human beings, saved only by grace.)
  • Be bold enough in your faith to be able to communicate our Christian message from the stage. (We aren’t trying to be preachy but we aren’t going to hide the fact that we are living for Jesus)
  • Have transportation
  • Live in the Central Ohio/Columbus area (We currently practice in Ostrander, OH)
  • Have a desire to push yourself and your musical boundaries (we are trying to sound unique and not like every other band out there)
  • Be humble (be willing to leave your pride at the door)
  • Be willing to commit to a weekly practice (We currently practice on Tuesday nights from 6:30-8:30)
  • Be willing to practice and contribute to the writing process
  • Be willing to play at least 1 show a month (possibly more once things get going)

Overall, we are family men who place our priorities in the following order: God, Family, then Music. We have a deep passion and love for what we do and want to take a positive message into this sick and dying world. We are interested in playing a variety of venues and settings including Church and community events, Prisons, Bars and Night Clubs, etc.

Want to join us? Here are 3 ways to get in touch:

Fill out our form here:

Send us an email

Connect with us on Facebook

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