About Us

mon·arch – a sovereign head of state, especially a king, queen, ruler or emperor

ob·liv·i·on – the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening

What’s in a name? Does a band name need to be simple or difficult? Should it contain more than five syllables? One word or more than two? Does a name need to carry a certain weight with it in order to affect the mood that the musicians behind the name are trying to convey? What if the name “doesn’t make sense” to the person who hears it? Is it important that it makes sense at all?

These are questions that come to mind when I give thought to, “what’s in a name?” Initially “Monarchs to Oblivion” was to have been a project between Ryan and myself (Jerod) about two years ago (2015). As circumstances would have it, the timing was not right and we shelved it.

My thoughts, when searching for a band name back then and even more so now, were centered on the state of the world and the chaos that is engulfing it at a rate far beyond what I can remember in my lifetime. We as the human race have checked out. Many people refuse to either see or accept what is going on; choosing to avoid the reality of this fallen world. Living in a state of (oblivion) or implied unconsciousness is what I see people subscribing to as a way of life.

What does a (monarch) have to do with any of this?

One: we, who are fathers, are to be the heads of our households. If you are a father, dad, or daddy, are you still in the game or have you checked out? If you’ve checked out, what kind of life are you building for your children, your wife? You see where I’m going? Man or woman, we hold great influence among the people in our lives. What are you doing with it?

The second is this: the leaders of our country. Where are they leading us as a nation? Am I blindly following men & women driven by money & power? Do they have me & my family’s best interests at heart? The evidence shows that no, no they do not.

“Whoa whoa whoa man”, you say. “Isn’t music supposed to be about fun and having a good time?” Yes, yes it is! We can have fun making & listening to music, but as with many bands in the world, there’s a desire to spread a message. Some are into politics, some are into darkness, and others are into anarchy & rebellion.

Overall, “Monarchs to Oblivion” is about spreading a message of truth and love. We are followers of Christ Jesus. We are not afraid of saints or sinners. We’re all sinners looking for grace. When found, some of us choose to embrace grace, others choose to reject it and remain ensnared by their vices.

To some degree, we’re all “Monarchs to Oblivion”.